R500 Robotic Caterpillar

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Global Specialties introduces the R500 Robotic Caterpillar.

Yorba Linda, CA, March 26, 2014 - Global Specialties today releases the newest addition to its robotic line....the R500 Robotic Caterpillar.

With all the fun of a toy, the R500 is far from just that! It is a fully-programmable-in-C-language, AVR processor equipped robot with an I2C bus system for expansion and custom modifications.

Perfect School Project
The R500 comes unassembled and requires a minimal amount of soldering which makes it a perfect school project.

Model R500
The Caterpillar is controlled by a powerful ATMEGA16 microcontroller that is programmable via open source tools in C. The robot comes with many example programs already written. Easily download them to the robot using the supplied USB interface and the RobotLoader software. Or write your own custom programs using the free open-source WinAVR software.


Easy to Use
The Robotic Caterpillar makes it so easy to download your custom programs using the included RobotLoader software and connectors. Even simpler, upload the sample programs already written for the Caterpillar and you will have it crawling around in the grass in moments!

See the R500 Videos

Hi-Res R500 Image
Download R500 Image

Zip File of all R500 Images 
Download R500 Zip

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