GS-170K1 & GS170-K2 Press Release

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

November 7, 2017, Yorba Linda, CA--Today Global Specialties introduces two new mini breadboard kits ideal for prototyping small projects at home or in the classroom.
The GS-170K1 comes with 108 pieces, including a set of 8 mini breadboards (GS-170-A) and a 100 pc jumper wire kit (WK-5).

The GS-170K2 comes with 372 pieces, including 3 sets of the 8 mini breadboards (GS-170-A), 3 sets of a 112 pc jumper wire kit (WK-6), and 12 individual 9 V battery snaps.

Both kits come with #24 gauge, insulated, stranded copper wire. Each wire comes with gold-plated brass, pressed-pins on each end to allow for extended insertion life and maximum surface contact. Both are RoHS compliant.

Jumper Wires
  • Pressed-pin ends (Gold-plated brass)
  • Dupont connectors
  • PVC insulation
  • Flexible stranded copper wire
  • #24 AWG
  • RoHS compliant
Mini Breadboards
  • 170 tie points
  • POM plastic
  • Round hole style
  • Nickel plated phosphor bronze contacts
  • Peel and stick adhesive backing
  • Fits 0.4-0.7 mm wire diameter
  • Current capacity 1.5 A at 36 V
  • RoHS compliant
Photo Product Description MSRP
GS-170K1: Mini Breadboard Kit, 108 Pcs


The GS-170K1 Mini Breadboard Kit contains 108 pieces:

  • (8 pc) Mini breadboards
  • (10 pc) 200 mm brown M-F
  • (10 pc) 200 mm blue M-M
  • (20 pc) 150 mm purple M-M
  • (20 pc) 100 mm orange M-M
  • (20 pc) 70 mm green M-M
  • (20 pc) 50 mm yellow M-M

GS-170K2: Mini Breadboard Classroom Kit, 372 Pcs


The GS-170K2 Mini Breadboard Classroom Kit contains 372 pieces:

  • (24 pc) Mini Breadboards
  • (60 pc) 150 mm purple M-F
  • (30 pc) 150 mm white M-M
  • (60 pc) 100 mm orange M-M
  • (90 pc) 70 mm green M-M
  • (60 pc) 50 mm yellow M-M
  • (18 pc) 150 mm multi M-Alligator clip
  • (9 pc) 150 mm red M-IC clip
  • (9 pc) 150 mm black M-IC clip
  • (12 pc) 9 V battery snap

MSRP of $55.00 for the GS-170K1 and $195.00 for the GS-170K2. They are both available immediately.
High Resolution Images
Click here to download GS170-K1 High Res Images
Click here to download GS70-K2 High Res Images
Product Datasheets
Click here to download GS170-K1 Datasheet
Click here to download GS170-K2 Datasheet
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