Sunday, July 12, 2020

Model 3600 32 Channel Logic Analyzer with USB Interface

The Model 3600 Logic Analyzer accurately analyzes, validates and debugs digital signals while outperforming its higher priced competitors in both features and value. The Model 3600 operates as a stand-alone unit or can be connected to the computer via USB interface. The 3600 also includes current limit and over voltage protection and comes complete with software, data pods and logic grabbers.

At a retail price of only $3,100.00, the Model 3600 offers the user a number outstanding features and specifications which are usually seen in logic analyzers costing thousands of dollars more.

Some of the robust features of the Model 3600 Logic Analyzer include:
• 32 general input channels in 4 groups with 8 channels for each group
• 4 groups can be combined in three different logical configurations
• Current limit protection and over voltage protection function
• Name can be defined for each channel
• Programmable threshold voltage for each channel
• Internal/external clock selection to sample data
• Convenient data search function
• Zoom in and zoom out feature
• Cursor feature
• Simulation feature
• Keyboard operation and sequence adjusting with knob

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