GSK-947: Automatic Sprinkler Controller


This circuit is used to control the sprinkler water valve for watering plants and flowers automatically. It can measures three distinct levels of soil moisture at preset delayed times and then activate the valve as needed.

This kit may be assembled without soldering on any Global Specialties trainer or Proto-Board® (not included), or by soldering to the included PCB. Parts and assembly instructions included.

MSRP: $17.55

Where to Buy the Global Specialties GSK-947 Automatic Sprinkler Controller
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GSK-947: Automatic Sprinkler Controller Specifications

Power Supply
12 VDC (not included)
3 LEDs
Shows 3 different levels of moisture
Delay Time
4-240 seconds
Maximum Load
1 A
PCB Dimensions
2.31 x 1.29 in.
Sprinkler valve (not included)
90 Days

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Where to Buy the GSK-947: Automatic Sprinkler Controller

DistributorQuantityLast Updated
Tequipment.Net 13December 7th, 2019
Digi-Key Corporation 2December 7th, 2019

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