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The Global Specialties model 1412 is a triple range DC power supply. This switching mode power supply is like having three ...
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The 1415 features dual independent outputs. The variable supply provides up to 30 V at 3 A. The fixed output offers ...
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The 1420 variable isolated AC power supply is great for testing AC line voltage variations or any given product requiring AC ...
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The 1504 is overload protected with a fuse and a separate output switch. Rack mounting is achieved by sliding away the ...

The 1504 has been discontinued and replaced with the 1420. For information on the 1504, please click the link below.

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The 1506 is designed to provide isolated output variable from 0 to 130 VAC at 4 A max and 0 to ...
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The 1507 is designed to provide isolated AC output variable from 0 to approximately 150 volts. It can supply a continuous ...
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The 1515 will supply continuous current ratings of 15 A. It has been designed to provide a very wide output frequency ...
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