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For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, this is a 320 page student text book (without access to the online instruction).  Use this option when you need hard-copies of the book available for students while using a school license for online access (ARX-TPLAB). For both the text book and online access, order ARX-SSBL.

MSRP: $75.00

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Global Specialties ARX-SSB ARX Student Book 

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Topics Include

  • Overview of the ARX STEM Curriculum
  • Getting to know the ARX ASURO Robot
  • Learning to think and act like an engineer
  • Prototyping with breadboards
  • Soldering PC boards
  • Power supply, status, collision detection, motor control, encoder, line following, microcontroller, and IR com link circuits.
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Test procedures
  • Introduction and essentials of C programming
  • Program uploading guide
  • Samples programs
  • Line following competitions
  • Collision detection competitions

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1 Year

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Where to Buy The ARX-SSB: ARX Student Book 

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