The RP6V2-DSP is a blue color backlight display for the RP6V2. Create menus for choosing different behaviors or changing program values. Show status messages (useful to see if the program behaves as expected while the robot is driving around). Display sensor status all the time without connection to your PC.

Connect this display to the RP6V-M32 or RP6V2-WIFI modules as it is not designed to work directly on the robot (at least not without hardware hacking). 2x16 characters industry standard HD44780 compatible display with blue backlight. Display with already soldered flat cable that mates with the display connectors on the RP6V2 expansion boards.

MSRP: $41.20

Where to Buy the Global Specialties RP6V2-DSP RP6V2 DISPLAY
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RP6V2-DSP: RP6V2 DISPLAY Specifications

1 Year

Where to Buy The RP6V2-DSP: RP6V2 DISPLAY

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