Add-on Modules

The RP6V2-CHG is a battery charger for the RP6V2 Robotic Vehicle. The charger enables a rapid quick-charging of the RP6V2 batteries ...
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The RP6V2-DSP is a blue color backlight display for the RP6V2. Create menus for choosing different behaviors or changing program values. ...
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The RP6V2 Expansion PCB is for use with the RP6V2 Robotic Vehicle. With this PCB you can build your own electronic ...
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This is an expansion module for use with the RP6V2 robot. The module enables you to upgrade your robot with an ...
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The RP6V2-RMT is a RC5 frequency remote control. Use it to control robots with IR communication abilities like the RP6V2, R500 ...
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This very powerful expansion board can be used to add a wireless network (WLAN) connection to the RP6V2 Robot. It contains ...
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