Two New Integrated Digital Logic Trainers

Friday, June 24, 2011

Global Specialties is proud & excited to introduce its revolutionary family of

Integrated digital logic trainers. The family consists of 3 models covering all levels of digital logic instruction. The DL-010 Combinational Logic Trainer, teaches the initial concepts of AND, OR, and XOR gates. The DL-020 Sequential Logic Trainer introduces the concept of conditional feedback Includes D Flip-_op, NAND gates, and 4-to-1 Multiplexer, both models are now available to ship from stock.

Lastly, the DL-030, available in September 2011, is a Microprocessor Trainer That utilizes an FPGA chip allowing a user to fully implement a functioning Microcontroller in minutes.

These logic trainers simplify the teaching process by eliminate the need to Discretely wire IC’s as all components are pre-mounted, de-coupled and de-bounced, ready for immediate classroom use. Most importantly each trainer includes training manual featuring overviews of digital logic and over 60 corresponding hands-on exercises enhancing any existing textbook currently in use.

The trainers are packaged in sturdy blow-molded cases and complete with power supply and machined pin hookup wires.

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