NEW ! Now Expanded Line of 17 High Quality Educational Kits

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Global Specialties, which had introduced Eleven New High Quality Educational Kits has now, just, added *6 new Kits, expanding the line to 17 kits. Each comes complete with detailed assembly instructions and all necessary parts.

Model NumberDescriptionList Price Ea.
GSK-2 Temperature Meter Kit $35.00
GSK-4 Basic Power Supply Kit $18.25
GSK-26 Fiber Optic Audio Link Kit $63.00
GSK-61 3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter Kit $35.00
GSK-135 Step Up DC Converter Kit $12.00
GSK-187  BiPolar Chopper Step Mtr. Drive Kit $60.00
GSK-109 Led Flasher Kit $2.75
GSK-409 Voice Control Switch $8.75
GSK-804 DC Motor Speed Control $7.75
GSK-819 Battery Charger  $19.50
GSK-820  Voltage Booster $30.75
GSK-908 Soil Moisture Indicator  $2.00
GSK-918 Mosquito Repellent Kit $4.25
GSK-944 Moisture Resistance Indicator $10.50
GSK-1001 Solar Fan $19.25
GSK-1004 Solar Guide Light $21.25
GSK-1005 Solar Blinking Light Kit $17.00

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