WIRELESS KIT - Documentation & Software CD
Here you can find the detailed Wireless Documentation, Construction Manual, Schematics, Pinouts and Datasheets of the parts used with our wireless kits. You will need the Adobe Reader to view these files!


Wireless Manual
User manual for the wireless extension kits. In this manual you find all information about the Android bluetooth compatible module and the APC-220 wireless communication device.


3D picture of our Wireless PCB

The wireless modules (APC-220 or Bluetooth compatible) can be inserted to this PCB which is connected to your robot. Now your robot can communicate wireless with your Android smartphone or your PC

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Documentation Folder

Here you can view the complete Documentation folder directly.
Wireless Schematics

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Schematics Folder

The following documents are for advanced users, who want to understand how the wireless hardware works in detail.

You can view the Schematics folder here.

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Datasheet Folder

The following documents are for advanced users, who want to understand how the Wireless Electronics work in detail. Also beginners will find some useful information like the Register Description of the Processor and Pinouts.

You can view the datasheet folder here.

It contains the following files:
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