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RP6V2-WIFI Software & Documentation
Here you can find the additionally required software and documentation for the RP6V2-WIFI expansion module. Besides the software and documentation listed here, you will also need the RP6V2 manual, RobotLoader, the USB driver and the RP6V2 example programs version 20140814 or newer.

Before you start with the expansion module, please read the RP6V2 manual first and the RP6V2-WIFI manual afterwards! These manuals contain important information which are not at all obvious!



This is an addition to the RP6V2 manual for the RP6V2-WIFI expansion module. It explains usage of the expansion module and the additional functions in the software library.

»WiFly User Manual

RN-171 WiFly User Manual

This document explains usage of the RN-171 WLAN module. You only need this to implement more advanced applications.

RP6V2-WIFI Schematic

The complete schematic of the expansion module.

Datasheet Folder

You can view the datasheet folder here.

These documents are for advanced users, who want to understand how the RP6V2-WIFI hardware works in detail.

RP6V2 Example Programs and RP6V2-WIFI Library

This archive contains the RP6 function library (RP6Lib) and related example programs. It also contains the RP6 CONTROL M32 and M256 function libraries (RP6ControlLib + RP6M256Lib) and example programs.
Note: Of course you can run example programs for RP6 CONTROL M32 ONLY on the RP6 CONTROL M32 and not on the microcontroller on the robot mainboard and vice versa!

Please note: With the newest RobotLoader, please also use the newest example programs (text interpreter supports CR+LF now, make sure the RobotLoader terminal is configured properly to send CR+LF on enter!).
For the RP6-M256 you MUST use example programs version 20140814 or newer.

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