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Accessories and Expansion Modules
The RP6 offers a very flexible and universal expansion system. It is based on the two wire I2C-Bus, which allows you to connect up to 127 devices to the robot. You can add several expansion modules on top of the robot, which can be mounted symmetrically on front and rear.

RP6_Exp.jpg, 39 kBRP6Control_M32.jpg, 40 kB

You can easily add an additional microcontroller to the robot with the RP6 CONTROL M32 (RP6-M32). The RP6-M32 offers an ATMEGA32 clocked at the maximum 16MHz, an external 32KB SPI EEPROM (non-volatile memory), 14 free I/O pins, 6 of the I/Os are useable as Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) channels. You can connect any HD44870 compatible LC-Displays to the display port of the RP6-M32. Also larger displays than the 2x16 LCD shown on the photo can be used!
The non-volatile EEPROM can be used for data logging or Bytecode interpreters like the Java NanoVM:

RP6_expansions.jpg, 149 kB

Shown above is the RP6v2 with Experiment Expansion PCB (RP6-EXP), RP6 Control M32 (RP6-M32) and Display (RP6-DSP).

rp6v2_wifi.jpg, 242kB

With the new RP6v2-M256-WIFI expansion module, you can add Wireless LAN to your robots and remotely control them with a PC and other network enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets. Besides the network connection, the module also features the large ATMEGA2560 (256KB Flash, 8K SRAM, 6 Timers...), 60 I/O ports (16 ADCs, 12 PWMs, 2 free UART/SPI Ports, ...), a display connector, a microSD card slot for very high capacity storage expansion, 2 buttons and 7 status LEDs.

In addition to the accessories available from Global Specialties, there are several things from 3rd party manufacturers that can be used for RP6.

The Robot can receive IR codes in RC5 format. One of the example programs allows you to use an universal IR remote to control the robot like a normal RC car.

You can use external battery pack chargers to charge the 6 required NiMH accumulators inside the robot. This is more comfortable than removing the mainboard everytime.

Any battery pack charger that is capable of charging 6 NiMH cells in series and has a suitable 5.5mm connector can be used! We recommend to use microcontroller based chargers.

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