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Third in its series of Embedded Systems Design Trainers, Global Specialties’ DL-030 enables students to learn the advanced concepts of embedded systems control via designing and implementing microprocessors/microcontrollers on an FPGA. Powerful enough for complex real-life projects, the DL-030 trainer provides the framework and structure needed for those new to FPGA programming.

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DL-030: Microprocessor Design Trainer Product Features

The Embedded Systems Design Trainer is specifically engineered with classroom/lab learning in mind. Written by an instructor, the Student Trainer Lab Manual serves as a supplementary textbook covering essential microprocessor design topics such as data path and control unit design. Every topic is so completely detailed in the Training Manual, students can walk through the material themselves. With eleven hands-on labs, students will gain a solid understanding of advanced embedded systems design in an FPGA environment.

Global Specialties has created the perfect classroom tool by putting together everything you need to implement custom designed microprocessor circuits in one complete and easy-to-use trainer. Using system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) framework, every aspect of the DL-030 is designed for students to get right to the business of learning embedded systems control designs. 
Utilizing the DL-030 and Altera Quartus® II software, one can carry out general FPGA design, prototyping and testing, or you can continue with the Nios® II embedded design suite to successfully implement a fully functioning microprocessor or microcontroller in minutes. 
This trainer is the third in the series of our digital logic and microprocessor trainer course. All of the combinational and sequential logic circuits implemented on the Combinational Logic Design Trainer (DL-010) and the Sequential Logic Design Trainer (DL-020) can also be completed on the DL-030. 
Measuring 244 x 175 x 40 mm (9.6 x 6.9 x 1.6 inches), the trainer comes with easy to operate I/O’s (switches and push-buttons) and easy to read displays (LED’s and 7-segments). All of these are mapped to the FPGA and support the Training Manual experiments. The DL-030 is a complete and ruggedly packed trainer that will provide a solid learning platform to individuals and classroom students.
Product Features
  • Altera Cyclone® III FPGA & Nios® II embedded processor
  • Software CD with powerful designing/implementing tools
  • Works with any Windows XP or higher system (32-bit only)
  • 137-page lab manual with 11 hands-on labs
  • Interactive downloadable version of the manual available on the iTunes store (search Global Specialties)
  • Breadboard area allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases. 
  • Complete kit with 100 machined pin hookup wires.
  • 16 LED’s
  • Rugged, lightweight, blow-molded carrying case.
  • 3, 7-segment displays
  • 16 slide switches and 3 push-button switches
  • Experiments use standard TTL logic.
  • 4 each, regulated 5V power (Vcc) and ground (GND) points 
  • 8 input/output connection sockets
  • High quality machined sockets for input and output interconnections.

DL-030: Microprocessor Design Trainer Specifications

Altera Cyclone ®III EP3C16F256C8N 16k LE
Altera Nios® II embedded processor
Logic Indicators
16 independent LED's
Seven-Segment Displays
Three sets of independent 7-segment displays
Slide switch
16, debounced
Push Button Switch
3, debounced
16 MHz
8-pin gereral purpose
Bread Board
270 tie point
Tie Points
4-input 5Vcc, 4-input GND
Machined Pin Connecting Wires
100 pcs
USB Interface
USB extension cable
Physical Dimensions
244 x 175 x 40 mm (9.6 x 6.9 x 1.6 in)
Training Manual with Hands-On Labs
137 page manual, 11 hands on labs
System Requirements
Windows XP or higher (32-bit only)
Software CD
Quartus® II Design Software, Nios® II Embedded Design Suite, plus more
3 Years

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